Discovery Range Sport

Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007

Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007
Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007
Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007
Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007

Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007    Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007

Only our sales advisors can guarantee compatibility. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt. Detail of the used part.

Discovery iii 2005, range rover sport. Before ordering, the buyer must ensure that the part is compatible. In case of doubt, please send us photos and/or registration. Tested piece guaranteed 1 year. Expedition throughout the metropolitan france.

Shipment the same day if order made before noon in working days. Additional charges will be applied for the shipment to Corsica. Tel: Surplus cars currently operates a trade fund for the deconstruction and sale of used spare parts of all land-based motor vehicles under the number 4677z. Article 2: Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale the buyer must, prior to the validation of his order for spare parts, demonstrate his knowledge and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale - on the internet by checking the icon "I approve and have read the general terms and conditions of sale" and then by clicking on the icon "confirm the order" displayed on the screen.

Any order for spare parts by the buyer implies the buyer's full and unreserved adherence to the general conditions of sale, excluding any other document such as prospectuses, catalogues, commercial proposals issued by surplus cars. The general terms and conditions of sale shall enter into force at the time of validation of the order by the buyer and shall be concluded for the period necessary for the supply of the spare parts ordered by the buyer.

These general terms and conditions of sale prevail over all general or special terms and conditions of purchase, except for express and formal exemptions from surplus cars. Surplus autos reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable general terms and conditions of sale will be those in force on the date of the buyer's order. Article 3: General conditions of the guarantee in accordance with Article 1641 et seq.

Of the Civil Code, surplus car guarantees the buyer against hidden defects of spare parts sold in addition to the contractual guarantee of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase shown on the invoice or delivery note. The application of this guarantee is subject to the fact that the installation of the spare parts by the buyer has been carried out in accordance with the rules of the art and in accordance with the recommendations and standards of the manufacturers. In no case can surplus cars be recognized as responsible and assume any financial responsibility for the costs of laying and depositing, labour, accessories, supplements, port, troubleshooting, towing, immobilization and rental of vehicles. Any modification of the spare parts (failure to assemble, or failure to develop) will result in the exclusion of any warranty. To the extent possible, subject to its availability, as part of the guarantee, surplus cars undertake to exchange the said part.

Otherwise, surplus cars will refund the spare part to the buyer. Article 4 : special conditions of the guarantee for certain spare parts in accordance with the above mentioned in Article 2, the buyer will have to comply with the following recommendations in order to be able to apply for the guarantee following the purchase of the spare parts. 3.1 for engines: the warranty applies only to the naked engine. Peripheral parts are left free of charge (so they are not guaranteed). All non-billed attachments are therefore not guaranteed.

The start-up instructions are provided with the engine(s) but we still specify that before mounting it will be necessary to: - place an oil cartridge, an oil filter and new fuel. Do not use those present with the engine delivered and especially not those of your old mechanics. Ignition and/or preheating candles shall also be replaced by new candles as well as coolant and oil.

Changing the belt or distribution kit depending on the condition (ring and pebble) as well as the alternator and water pump, by your garage operator, a damaged belt can seriously damage your mechanism. Before the first start-up, start the oil pump by operating the starter at a long time (in this operation, the coil wire will be disconnected or the engine shut-off control in position for the diesels).

Do not pack the engine at start, let it run at idle for a few minutes. All the engines must now be programmed as well as the injectors, that is why we ask that they be mounted by an approved garage operator and in possession of the appropriate suitcase to make the programming.

The 12-month warranty from the day of purchase or delivery of the said engine shall be granted only if the engine has been fitted by an approved garage operator and the invoice for the installation may be claimed from the buyer. Without a mounting invoice or mounted by an unauthorised garage operator, the guarantee will be refused. Failure to comply with the above-mentioned assembly instructions would cancel the warranty of excess cars and any defects in the head joint must be reported within 14 days of the purchase of the engine. After this period, no claims could be registered. The guarantee shall apply only if the consumption of oil exceeds that defined by the manufacturer.

3.2 for gearboxes, transfer and rear decks: non-billed peripheral parts are therefore not guaranteed. Certain accessories must be systematically replaced by other new ones, such as the transmission spy output joints and oil of a quality recommended by the manufacturer. 3.3 for transmissions: transmission bellows are not guaranteed. 3.4 for alternators and starters: before mounting, the buyer must check the electrical circuits.

3.5 for injection pumps: peripheral parts are left free of charge (so they are not guaranteed). Before mounting, the purchaser must check the fuel circuits.

3.6 for injectors: our injectors come from engines that have been started. In order to function properly, the injectors must be recoded. The guarantee will apply only to the replacement of the spare part, no refund will be made. Article 5: Exemption from liability for excess cars all spare parts are sold tested and cleaned. Surplus cars will be relieved of any liability if the defect arises: - directly from a defect or misfit of another part or vehicle.

Use of the part outside the intended destination by the manufacturer. Modification or adaptation of the part or other part of the vehicle not authorized or not provided for by the manufacturer. Abnormal use or failure to observe vehicle maintenance recommendations or accidental damage. Article 6: Distance sale and withdrawal period The buyer is entitled to a withdrawal period of 30 working days from delivery.

The cost of return shall be borne entirely by the buyer. Article 7: Return of parts - non-conformity - verification of the buyer in the event of an error by the buyer with regard to the reference, the costs of returning and sending a new part are the responsibility of the buyer. If the error comes from excess cars, the costs are at his expense. Any parts not returned within 30 working days will not be taken over or exchanged.

No assets will be established and no claims will be granted without presentation of the invoice. If it is valid, it shall be limited to 6 months from the date of issue. Spare parts, even shipped in free shipping, travel at the risk of the recipient customer.

Upon receipt of the spare parts, the buyer must verify in front of the delivery machine that the spare parts have not been damaged during transport. If the buyer finds damage, they must be shown on the delivery note and refused delivery. Otherwise, the buyer will not be able to make any claim against any surplus cars concerning the possible defect of the spare parts.

No discount will be applied in the event of advance payment. The spare parts remain the property of surplus cars until full payment of the invoice. Article 9: Jurisdiction Invoices for spare parts shall be payable on publication, unless previously agreed. In the event of a dispute, only the trade fair court of provence will be competent. Any challenge must be made within 8 free days, upon receipt of the complaint. 37, avenue de bruxelles - zi les estroublans - bp 12169 - 13847 vitrolles cedex 9 - tel: - tva n°fr92 637 2801 65. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto: spare parts\other".

The seller is "surplusautos13" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: france.

  1. location on the vehicle: forward
  2. Mark: land rover Model: discovery iii (l319)
  3. reference number oe/oem: lr041254
  4. Manufacturer part number: lr041254
  5. kilometerage: more than 100,000 km
  6. Manufacturer guarantee: 1 year Other part number: 20210531_11026_0 Classic parts: yes Classic car parts: yes Unit quantity: 1 Customized bundled offer: no
  7. modified object: no

Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007    Webasto Occasion Land Rover Discovery III (l319) Diesel 2.7l 190hp 2007