Discovery Range Sport

Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport

Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport

Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport    Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport
Usr1340 ultimax rear brake disks (pair) for discovery rover sport. This product sheet is originally written in English.

Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Usr1340 ebc ultimax rear brake disks (pair) for discovery rover sport. To provide one of the following.

Usr1340 disk ebc ultimax rear brake (pair) land rover rover sport. Getting the right part first time.

Sil please be sure to check that the notes section to the left of the compatibility table. On most sites now supplier ago webcats additional order to check your application with the most appropriate to make sure that this is good for the car - sil please look on the websites of manufacturers as well. If in doubt, please ask sil or contact customer service under business seller CityInfo bottom of each ad. Ebc average fast street pad dust with 20-25% Brake% improvement.

Capable of repeated use of heavy brake without brake \Very minimal characteristics disc / rotor damage. Superb material for lighter Asian and European sport compact model.

Ece approved type 90 for most cars. Features red \ceramic brake pad Redstuff. Brake pads ceramic Redstuff, passenger car / sedan car pad not for truck frames or seen. Ebc dust lowest pad fast street with 20-25% of brake% improvement.

Superb material for imports prestige / Asian and European cars. Yellowstuff fastest street, trackday & drift racing brake pads. High friction formula enhances the effect of brake 30-40%. Faster brake pads street, drift & trackday race.

Zero brake fade makes the perfect material for fast driving. Suitable for shorter track events and the use of the race. Medium hardness material feels good to the pedal. If all you need is a braking power, this is the choice of materials. Bluestuff intermediate wafer trackday grade. Intermediate Bluestuff wafer trackday degree or Bluestuff ndx is a sport of high friction and racing equipment that can be used to conduct the aggressive street and certain types of use of the track. The material has been very successful on the track with quality replacement brackets (systems multi piston with improved release and cooling and larger rotors) and limited success with stirrups depending on the street where the size of the pad and caliper slide can challenge any brake material.

The biggest advantage of ebc Bluestuff wafer intermediate grade or trackday Bluestuff ndx is their feeling cold bite and progressive braking and the possibility of a car full The Judgment. This led to the approval of settlement safety brake ece r90 r90 of which is now complete and certificates obtained (in July 2011). There are some older bracket of the street based systems where even the new intermediate Bluestuff wafer trackday grade will struggle to handle the c Aliper cursor and drag inherent in systems, but this scenario is exactly the same for our competitors. There is no material that will be perfect on the track in the whole street more depending caliper systems.

Ebc orangestuff full race pad brakes. In its third year of use of orangestuff sest made out to be an excellent solution for medium / long term use his famous racing stable-companion Yellowstuff grade wafers and a large ramp far to drive for trackday driving drive. Quick Reads because of pre-burned plant surfaces.

Reduced rotor / disk damage. As to this cold street usable material. Ebc manufacture the vast majority of its automotive rotors, including premium brake discs in the UK or in Europe. Apart from these sources where castings or finished rotors must be purchased to complement the range, strict quality controls are applied to ensure the safety and quality of the parts we sell. We buy only high quality parts from well known and trusted manufacturer of OEM suppliers and we are responsible and ensure the parts to fit and function properly. N adds value to its products by the strictest quality controls and specifications and a 100% exhausted and dimensional control, including the element analysis, surface finish and hardness tests on the inspection of each batch and runout. All sports rotors are slotted and grooved to installation las vegas of the operation of the usa or in our rotor center new Northampton employing 32 staff who has recently been enhanced to have its own qc department, dusinage and of essays facilities and a new central denrobage nitrotherm anti corrosion. We also do our utmost to embrace us and jobs in our US facilities we employ 14 people in our machining center of the rotor alone.

The choice between non-drilled rotors plains ebc sport rotors or two choice largemouth g sports series rotors for cooler operation or new ultimax super silent usr slotted rotor series. All rotors ebc including Colombia usr split rotors are made and are precision machined in the United Kingdom. Rotors are made from gray cast iron high quality to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and stringent quality control.

Slotted rotors can significantly improve the performance of braking and durability WHEN IT is used with a corresponding high friction brake pad set. After selling hundreds of thousands of brake kits ebc brakes feel confident that their approach is so perfect that it gets.

We believe that slotted rotors were \Ew black geomet and nitrothermtm finish. Ebc brakes now produces all its gd series usr disks with a new and long term against corrosion resistant finish. The coating is either the world famous geomet or at least popular smaller set of elements we use the new process nitrotherm danti corrosive paint applied with the help of this revolutionary process that covers with hot nitrogen produces a better finish.

In 2014 the old gold gd series of discs will be eliminated. Ebc recommends using premium buffer such as carpets Redstuff brake pads or Yellowstuff to complement your new usr slotted rotors that provide the optimal balance of life and performance.

Ebc produce 90% of its rotor beach and iso tüv approved facilities in the UK or Italy, all of which rotors g sports rotors are machined and finished in the uk and the usa. When parts or finished rotors were purchased to complement the range, strict quality control you can imagine the safety and quality of parts we sell. Ebc adds value to its products by the most stringent controls and quality standards and a 100% run out and dimensional control, as well as all sports usa rotors are slotted in the Las Vegas facility operation usa . We employ 14 people in our factory rotor machining only the us and have a bank of 8 and haas cnc feeler using the latest digital controls and tools for superb accuracy.

New geomet nitrotherm and black finish. The coating is either the world famous geomet or at least popular smaller set of elements we use the new process nitrotherm danti corrosive paint applied with the help of this revolutionary process that covers with hot nitrogen produces a better finish. Bsd the blade disc is manufactured from a single material called \Manufactured in the UK, the bsd disk is available for frames front and rear.

The design of the single blade slot created helps eliminate hot gases from the braking area of ​​a fast and efficient way much more than a one-way slot. This helps to keep the flat cooler pads and brakes. The function of multiple overlapping slots to reduce wind noise brake. The initial range of disc blades launch covers 80% of the European market for vehicle brakes sport.

Used in conjunction with ebc greenstuff brake pads or the best selling carpet Redstuff brake or brake Yellowstuff more running style = color: rgb (218, 8, 18); text-decoration: none; \The conquering ebc Bluestuff ndx pads also work well with these discs, more details can be seen by clicking the links above. For more details on the delivery options we have and the costs sil please click here. For more details on our return policy sil please click here.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what you might have a question about. We are proud of a quality service and we are happy to address any concerns. Contact us through the email system or Debay. Add our shop to your favorites & receive e dinformation newsletter on developments & special offers. For brake disc diameter [mm].

No of bolt holes: 5. Uprated performance or OEM replacement. Ebc usr series thin slotted brake discs (even). The item \of brake\The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Improved performance or replacement origin: improved performance <\/ li>
  2. Minimum thickness [mm]: 17mm <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturing country: uk <\/ li>
  4. rim hole number: 5 holes <\/ li>
  5. ean: 5050953019227 <\/ li>
  6. Brake disc type: inside ventilated <\/ li>
  7. Note2: no fixing holes 5 <\/ li>
  8. brand: ebc brakes <\/ li>
  9. for disc brake diameter [mm] 350mm <\/ li>
  10. brake disc thickness [mm]: 20mm <\/ li>
  11. height [mm]: 59mm <\/ li>
  12. manufacturer part number: usr1340 <\/ li>
  13. Location on the vehicle: Rear <\/ li>
  14. productdesc: EBC usr end slotted brake discs set (pair) <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport    Usr1340 Ultimax Brake Discs Rear (pair) Discovery Range Rover Sport